1. Can we make a custom idol for you?

We do not produce custom one-off pieces as the associated costs to are extremely high and prohibitive for most people. If you are interested in exploring a wholesale opportunity, please contact us for minimum order requirements and cost information. Serious inquiries only please.

2. Do we need to get permission from the athletes to make their idols?

Yes! We enter into licensing agreements with the athletes in order to be granted exclusive worldwide rights to use their name and likeness to produce miniature bodybuilding figurines ('idols'). In return, athletes receive financial royalties from the sales of their idols - so when you buy an idol, you are supporting the athlete too!

3. When will we make an Arnold Schwarzenegger idol?

As with any athlete or personality, prior to launching their idol we need to agree terms for licensing their name and likeness. We hope we will be in a position to have Arnold in the range in future should we be able to successfully license his name and likeness.

4. Do we ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship all around the world and have shipped idols to just about every continent in the world! Shipping costs calculated at checkout.

5. What size the idols and what are they made of?

The size of each individual idol differs slightly but all are in the 6 inch / 15 cm range, weighing approximately 0.4 lbs / 180 grams. Idols are hand-cast in resin and hand-painted.

6. What currency do we use on your website?

All idols and shipping charges are quoted in USD.

7. What is a pre-order?

Pre-orders are a way for our customers to secure their purchase prior to product manufacture. When ordering a pre-order product you are agreeing to the stated lead time for manufacture, which can be as long as 3-4 months in some cases.

In-stock orders are as the name suggests, manufactured and in-stock ready to be shipped.